Bass Coast


Established in 2008, this site is strategically located to service the Bass Coast region of Victoria. Located in Cowes, this facility allows Regal Seafoods to source and supply the freshest local seafood, meat, poultry and foodservice products to Bass Coast hospitality venues and retail outlets throughout the year.

Regal Seafoods’ wide distribution networks allows reliable and regular supply to venues along the Bass Coast, from Cranbourne to Inverloch as well as Phillip Island and San Remo.

With access to the local fishing fleet at San Remo Fishermen’s Cooperative, Regal Seafoods endeavours to source locally caught sustainable fresh fish and seafood.

With access to supremely fresh fish, this allows clients to enjoy superior freshness and a longer shelf-life; combined with the company’s renown customer service, Regal Seafoods is the perfect partner in the supply of seafood, meat, poultry and foodservice products to any venue.

Bass Coast Area Sales Rep

0422 933 949

Bass Coast Distribution

Winter and Off-Peak Season
3 deliveries per week minimum
Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday

Summer and Peak Season
6 deliveries per week minimum
Monday - Saturday

(emergency Sunday delivery by pre-arrangement with Area Rep)


Minimum Orders