Melbourne Fish Market Tour

Regal Seafoods offers all our customers the tour of the Melbourne Wholesale Fish Market to gain a greater insight and understanding into the seafood industry and seasonal availability of seafood.

This tour unveils invaluable secrets of seasonality and shows you how to select only the freshest seafood.

Regal Seafoods Factory Tour

Regal Seafoods also offers a filleting class in conjunction with the Melbourne Fish Market Tour. This filleting session offers valuable knowledge and knife skill development for apprentices and fully-qualified chefs alike.

For sizeable clients with 12 or more chefs wishing to attend the filleting class, a visit to the client can be arranged where one of our expert fish filleters can interactively demonstrate valuable skills to all chefs in the clients own kitchen area.

Tasmanian Seafood Tours

For groups of 12 or more chefs, Regal Food Co. can partner with our Tasmanian suppliers to offer a hands-on seafood tour. This never to be missed opportunity will give chefs first hand knowledge of aquaculture operations; from beginning to end.

Tours include:
• Petuna salmon & ocean trout marine operations
• Petuna filleting & smoking operations
• Spring Bay Mussel Farm
• Barilla Bay Oyster Farm

Video Instruction